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Car Brake Wear Test, 88-point safety Check-up Rockhampton

Licensed Qld Transport Inspection Station with experienced mechanics and technicians means nothing will be missed. Enjoy peace of mind with a safe vehicle.

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Here are the essential vehicle systems that need to be fault free:

  • LOCKING : Your key and remote will be checked to ensure that they are in good working order and any issues with warning lights will be identified.

  • TEST DRIVE : The engine, drivetrain, brakes and suspension in your vehicle will be on-road tested to ensure that they are free of defects.

  • BATTERY : You battery will be tested for remaining life and to identify latent defects.

  • CABIN COMPONENTS : The standard components of your vehicle such as seat belts, lights, horn, wipers including washers and wiper arm mechanism, will be inspected. The air/cabin filters and components will also be checked.

  • DRIVE BELTS : A visual check of your engine compartment drive belts as they can loosen over time (does not include enclosed timing belt).

88 point inspection check list pic

These are the under body systems that need to be fault free:

  • SUSPENSION & STEERING : Suspension and steering Joints and bearings in your vehicle will be checked for any defects.

  • BRAKE WEAR MEASURE : Your vehicle's disc brakes and pads will be measured. Brake fluid will be tested for remaining life.

  • TYRE INFLATION & TREAD WEAR :The condition, pressure and tread wear of your tyres (including the spare) will be inspected to ensure that they are safe and within legal requirements.

  • UNDERBODY INSPECTION: A visual inspection will be conducted for condition of underbody along with CV joints and boots, leaks from your engine, exhaust system, fuel line, brake lines and gearbox.

  • SIGN OFF APPRAISAL : Any adjustments will be made as required along with check and top up of fluids.

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