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Bosch Car Batteries Free Test & Fit at HAC Rockhampton

All battery types: Deep Cycle, EFB, AGM, Dry Cell, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride. Caravan Solar and battery charge systems installed. Free test & fit.

Why settle for less? Price is what you pay - Value is what you get. Bosch batteries will protect your delicate electronic systems like no other battery can. This will save you many thousands of dollars over the battery life span.

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Bosch battery 5

Advantages of Bosch-Battery S5

  • 30% higher cold cranking power

  • Safe starting also in extreme temperatures

  • 30% greater service life

  • 85% Vehicle Market Coverage

  • Dependable supply of the safety-relevant extra consumers, e.g., ESP, ABS, etc.

  • Minimal self-discharge

  • Extreme short stop-start tolerance


Bosch battery 4

The powerful energy source for safe starting also fulfils the increased convenience demands of middle-class cars. Also, covering 97% of the market helps meet the special requirements of Asian cars.

Advantages of Bosch-Battery S4

  • 15% higher than standard car-batteries

  • 20% higher service life thanks to innovative Power Frame technology

  • For all vehicle classes

  • Reliably guarantees the energy needed for an average number of electrical consumers

  • Meets permanently the high demands made by international car manufacturers in electrical terms

  • Also suitable for Asian vehicles

  • Extreme short stop-start tolerance

  • Covers 97% of the market


Bosch battery 3

Advantages of Bosch-Battery S3

  • For older and smaller vehicles

  • Reliability and Starting Power at the right price



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Save money on car servicing HAC Rockhampton

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