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Common cause of a radiator overheating are cooling fan failure, broken water pump, broken fan belt, stuck thermostat, coolant leak or a clogged radiator.

Engines overheat for a variety of reasons. Essentially the vehicle hasn't been serviced or somebody would have identified these causes before this costly inconvenience. Some of the usual reasons are a cooling system leak, faulty radiator fan, broken water pump, clogged coolant hose, or old radiator coolant.

Some of the more common causes of engine overheating:

  • Slipping drive belt

  • Faulty radiator cap

  • Clogged radiator

  • Faulty thermostat

  • Old coolant


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1.) At the first sign of overheating, shut off your air conditioner and open your windows

Doing so decreases the load on the engine and helps it cool off.

2.) If you continue to overheat, turn on the heater and blower:

Doing so transfers the heat from the engine to the passenger compartment of the vehicle. (This does wonders for your overheated engine but very little for you!).

3.) If you’re stopped in traffic and the temperature gauge is rising, shift into Neutral or Park and rev the engine a little:

Doing so makes the water pump and the fan speed up, which draws more liquid and air through the radiator. The increased air and liquid circulation helps cool things off.

4.) Try not to ride your brakes:

In stop-and-go traffic, crawl along slowly, on little more than an idle, rather than moving up and then braking repeatedly. Brake drag increases the load on the engine and makes it heat up. If traffic is crawling, move up only when the gap between you and the vehicle in front of you gets too large.

5.) If you think that your vehicle is about to boil, drive to the left-hand side of the road, open the bonnet, and sit there until things cool off.

Remember, don’t open the radiator cap under these circumstances, and if your engine has boiled, don’t add water until the engine is quite cool again.

If you must add coolant/water to the radiator:

Add the water slowly while the engine is running, ensure its in park and the hand brake on. Although hot weather is the most common cause of overheating, many other factors can cause the same problem. If your vehicle overheats in traffic in normal weather, one of the following may be the culprit: The water and coolant level in the radiator is low. There’s a leak in the cooling system.

What to do next:

If you deal with these radiator hose and water pump problems quickly, you'll prevent any further damage within the cooling system or engine. Come in to Highway Auto Radiators for a Cooling System Diagnosis We don't require an appointment for a check and we're open five days a week for your radiator and cooling system repair services.
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