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Auto Gearbox & Clutch Repair Rockhampton

Clutch replacement, clutch repairs and clutch overhaul specialists. Manual gearbox reconditioning and gearbox repair. Transmission exchange.

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Some common clutch and manual transmission problems:

  • Oil leakage.

  • Worn clutch plate.

  • Worn thrust bearing.

  • Air in the hydraulic system.

  • Incorrect fluid level.

  • Blocked ventilation tubes/ports.

  • Worn gears.

  • Loose fasteners.

  • Broken clutch cable.

  • Oil leakage.

Luckily for drivers of manual cars, repairing the clutch and manual transmission system is usually a lot more straightforward (and therefore cheaper!) than fixing an automatic transmission. That said, there are still some common problems manual drivers should be aware of. Read on:

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What does a clutch do?.

car & 4WD gearbox and clutch rockhampton The short story goes like this: the clutch is the drive connection between the engine and the manual gearbox. When the clutch pedal is depressed there is no connection, the wheels don’t turn. Engage a gear and let the clutch pedal out and all is connected – we have motion.

Highway Auto Gearbox and Clutch is the approved supplier for all major fleet companies to service and maintain your company vehicle. If you think you have a gearbox or clutch problem give us a call and we'll give you our opinion free of charge.

What’s the difference between manual and automatic transmissions?

The basic difference is that automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal or a gear stick. As the name suggests, automatic cars change gears automatically, while drivers of manual cars control the gears themselves. So, why drive a manual? There are many good reasons why manual transmission systems remain popular today:

  • People who love driving tend to prefer manual transmission.

  • Manual cars are more fuel efficient.

  • Maintenance and repairs on manual cars generally costs less.

  • Manual cars can get away with less frequent services.

  • They are cheaper to buy than automatic cars.

  • They give drivers more direct control over the car

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Check list to figure out what's wrong with your clutch or transmission:

pic clutch plate, pressure plate, flywheel
The manual transmission clutch consists of a number of components. The obvious ones being: the flywheel, the pressure plate and the clutch disc or clutch plate.

  • A burning smell: Have this seen to straight away. It could mean that your transmission fluid is overheating and wreaking havoc within the transmission.

  • A slipping clutch:This could indicate that the friction material on the clutch disc is worn out..

  • Delay when going into gear: This could mean you need a new clutch.

  • Shaking: Shaking or rumbling could indicate a problem with your gears

  • Strange noises: Clinking, humming, scratching, or snapping noises could indicate a number of different problems. Always have suspicious noises checked out.

  • Noisy in neutral: Get to Highway Auto Clutch & Gearbox if this is happening to your car. It usually means you have some worn out parts that need replacing.

  • A hard clutch:If you have to apply too much pressure to get the clutch to work it could be a clutch cable problem or a blockage in the hydraulics.

  • A sticking clutch: If you're finding it hard to release your clutch, it could be a broken clutch cable, a defective master cylinder, or air in the hydraulic system.

  • Car is difficult to change gear in cold temperatures: You may need to change to a lighter oil, but check with Highway Auto advisors first.


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